CDC Recommends: Properly secure indwelling catheters after insertion. (Category 1B)

STATLOCK® Device Retainer Design
Lock-tight design stabilizes catheter to prevent pistoning and
accidental dislodgement.

Swivel design allows catheter movement with the patient
without exerting a pull force on the catheter.

Releasable design allows for easy cleaning of patient.

Accommodates latex 8–22 Fr. and silicone 6–26 Fr. catheters
for the ultimate in versatility.

STATLOCK® Stabilization Device Anchor Pad Design
Available in breathable latex-free tricot fabric for added
patient comfort.

Available in both pediatric and adult sizes, giving you the
versatility needed for effective Foley catheter stabilization.

Designed to be easier to use than tape and
circumferential leg straps.

Unique alcohol-soluble adhesive is gentle on the skin.



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