LUBRI-SIL® I.C. Infection Control Foley Catheters

The Latex-Free Lubri-Sil® I.C. antimicrobial 100% silicone Foley catheter incorporates a technologically-advanced formulation consisting of Bacti-Guard®* silver alloy coating and Bard® hydrogel. The coating on the Lubri-Sil® I.C. Foley catheter is designed to minimize biofilm formation and enhance patient comfort.

*The Foley catheter indicated in the LUBRI-SIL© I.C. System contains Bacti-Guard® silver alloy coating licensed from Bactiguard AB. Bacti-Guard is a registered trademark of Bactiguard AB.


LUBRI-SIL® I.C. Catheter

Infection Control Foley Catheters

Bard Medical provides a full line of Latex-Free infection control Foley catheters.

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